8 Mandals are in the Tribal Sub Plan area in Parvathipuram Division are prone for malaria and the activities taken up under Malaria control programme.

Blood Smear Collection & Malaria Cases (Comparison - 2016 & 2017) 
Particulars2016 (Jan to Dec)2017 (Jan to Dec)
DistrictTSP areaDistrictTSP area
Total tests done3
Malaria Cases2

Bed nets :-
71872 LLINs were distributed (Bed nets) in 932 villages of 79 Sub Centers in 20 PHCs in the Tribal Sub-Plan area and 5364 bed nets were distributed in Tribal Welfare hostels in the year 2016

During 2016, 1st round Indoor Residual Spraying with Alfa cypermethrin 5% was conducted on 15-05-2016 and completed by 06-07-2016 and covered the population 3,95280 in 1120 villages. 2nd round spraying was conducted on 15-07-16 and completed by 31-08-2016. During in the month of Oct-2016 focal spray covered on all tribal welfare hostels in the district.

Anti larval operation(ALO):  
Larvicides like Abate, BTI powder, Diflubenzuron ,pyrathrum were supplied to all the Primary Health Centre’s and 4 municipalities in the district for Anti-larval Operations.

80,000 Gambusia fish were released in pools and water tanks in the high risk villages of G.L.Puram, Kurupam, Parvathipuram and saluru mandals in the Tribal subplan area as a part of biological control of larvae.

ASHA workers, paramedical staff in the Tribal sub-plan area were trained on testing with RDT kits, radical treatment for malaria cases and also given training for lab technicians for microscope examination.

Awareness Programmes:
Mandal wise co-ordination meetings were conducted with the line departments like P.R, RWS, and ICDS in the month of May, 2016 to control of Vector borne diseases.

“Domalapai Danda Yatra(MMDC)” “Swatch Bharath” and awareness campaign on Mosquito born diseases were conducted at village level in the District. 

For every Saturday rally’s conducted at PHC level on Swatch Bharath and Vector Born Diseases