Under Animal Husbandry programme 400 Units (i.e. 2 Milch Animals @ Rs.1.20Lakhs unit)proposed in TSP Mandals (8)were proposed for the year 2015-16 with an estimated cost of Rs.480.00lakhs in TSP area of ITDA, Parvatipuram.

Under Fisheries development programme 214 Nos. of Cycles and Nets were supplied to the ST Fisherman under Special Development Package 2015-16 with an amount of Rs.14.45lakhs.

Under Horticulture programme 2015-16 development of H.N.C.T.C, S.K.Padu, G.L.Puram Mandal (SDP) with an estimated cost of Rs.25.00lakhs. Work is in progress.

Under Botanical Garden cum amusement park development programme at Thotapally, Garugubilly Mandal (Tourism Spot) was proposed with an estimated cost of Rs.38.00lakhs.