CASHEW AREA EXPANSION PROGRAMME 2016-17 :- During the year 2016-17, ITDA has taken up Cashew Area Expansion programme under MG-NREGS in an extent of 2600 Acres in (8) Tribal Sub Plan Mandals, This time good quality Bapatla seed procured and supplied.

CASHEW CANOPY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME :- During the year 2016-17, under Department of Horticulture, Vizianagaram , the ITDA.,Parvathipuram has taken up Cashew Canopy Management programme in an extent of 3900 acres in TSP mandals with a view to enhance the production and productivity of the old cashew gardens in (8) TSP mandals.

VEGETABLE MINIKITS PROGRAMME During the year 2016-17, under this programme 10,000 ST beneficiaries (PTG) were selected and distributed to the above farmers in (8) TSP mandals with an financial outlay of Rs.1.00Lakh under Nutritional gardening programme with a view to increase the nutritional levels in the tribals.

SUPPLY OF MINI TRACOTORS UNDER SCA TO TSP 2016-17 : During the Year 2016-17 under Department of Horticulture, Vizianagaram, the ITDA, Parvathipuram has taken up a programme called supply of (20) Nos. of Mini Tractors to the Tribal Farmers with an out lay of Rs.80.00Lakh. Out of which (15) Mini Tractors were supplied to the Tribal farmers.

SUPPLY OF PLASTIC CRATES UNDER SCA to TSP 2016-17 : During the Year 2016-17, 1600 Nos. of Plastic Crates was supplied to the (80) ST Farmers in (8) Tribal Sub Plan Mandals with an amount of Rs.4.80Lakh under SCA to TSP Programme 2016-17 in convergence with the Department of Horticulture.

SUPPLY OF FOOT SPRAYERS UNDER SCA to TSP 2016-17 : During the Year 2016-17, (100) Nos. of Foot Sprayers were sanctioned under SCA to TSP 2016-17, out of which in 1st spell (19) Foot Sprayers proposed to distribute to the (19) Farmers in convergence with the Department of Horticulture.

DEVELOPMENT OF HNCTC, S.K.PADU ,G.L.PURAM MANDAL : During the year 2016-17 the District Collector &  Magistrate, Vizianagaram has sanctioned an  amount of Rs.25.00Lakh under SDP for renovation and re-development of the HNCTC Farm and Rs.20.00Lakh was released as 1st installment. The work isunder progress.
DEVELOPMENT OF BOTANICAL GARDEN CUM AMUSEMENT PARK : During the Year 2016-17, proposed to establish the Botanical Garden Cum Amusement Park at Thotapalli Barrage with an estimated amount of Rs.38.00Lakhs from SDP Funds.