Soil Testing:-To assess macro and micro nutrients deficiencies in the soil of Sub Plan mandals 6199 Soil samples were collected & analyzed for micro and macro nutrients deficiencies and 33873 soil health cards were distributed to farmers (including grid farmers)

Supply of Micronutrients:-In Sub Plan mandals as on date a quality of 75Mts. of Zinc, 9,280Kgs. of Boron and 159Mts. of Gypsum is distributed on 75% subsidy (50% Department and 25% SDP share)

Seed Subsidy:-During 2016 a quantity of 10,062Qtls. of Paddy on Rs.5/- per Kg seed and 626Qtls. other seeds given on subsidy at 33% to Tribal farmers.

Seed village Programmes:- To develop own seed by the farmers, under seed village programme Foundation seed issued for 5 units (Paddy, Redgram, Blackgram) in Sub Plan mandals on 50% subsidy.

Farm Mechanization:-Under FYM scheme during 2016-17 Total Rs.1,183lakhs subsidy amount is allocated for supply of modern agriculture implements in the district where as in Sub Plan mandals so far an amount of Rs.58.89lakhs subsidy is  being utilized as on date as against target of Rs.74.00lakhs.

NFSM (National Food Security Missionary):-Under this scheme during Kharif & Rabi 2016-17 an amount of Rs.167.2lakhs allotted to implement seed subsidy, Cluster D Plaots, Micro nutrient deficiency correction, capacity building, Sprayers and other agricultural implements during kharif an amount of Rs.93.6lakhs subsidy is utilized as against Rs.167.2lakhs under NFSM paddy during kharif. An amount of Rs.24.8 subsidy is utilized as against 755.5. under NFSM pulses.

Commercial crops To promote inter cropping and better management practices in Mesta 26 Ha area was taken as target in kharif and 215 Ha in Rabi, an amount of Rs.1.03lakhs in kharif and Rs.4.97lakhs is utlised as against Rs.2.08lakhs in kharif and Rs.10.75lakhs in Rabi in Sub Plan mandals. In cotton an amount of 0.62.lakhs is utilized as against Rs.1.19Lakhs for organization of D laots in 17 ha. 

NMOOP (National Mission on Oil seed and Oil Palm) To promote oil seeds production through Sprinklers, water carrying pipes, Gypsum and for organization of FLDs in ground nut and sesamum an amount of Rs.5.46lakhs was allotted in Sub Plan area.

Chandranna Rythu ksheralu:-To increase crop production and productivity and to reduce the cost of cultivation CRKs programme was launched to impart the technical knowledge to the farming community through the demonstrations plots by adopting critical intervention as per the local condition of the particular village. In this programme 35 noss of CRKs were allotted to Sub Plan area for this 17.5lakhs were allotted. In Rabi 21 CRKs were allotted with an amount of Rs.10.5lakhs.

Polambadi:-To reduce the coat of cultivation and to increase the production and productivity the farmer will become as scientist in the subject of farming. In kharif 5 Polambadi programmes were organized in 5 villages and in Rabi 4 Polambadi programmes in 4 villages with an outlay of Rs.1.36lakhs in Kharif Rs.1.16lakhs in Rabi.

SDP : 4 Combined harvester with Straw Baler supplied to four centres (G.L.Puram-2, Kurupam-2) with a total cost of Rs.111.6lakhs.